State Bank of India, Mainzer Landstrasse 61, 60329 Frankfurt am Main/ Germany, Phone: + 49-69-27237-0

Remittances India

An equivalent amount in Euro, plus applicable charges, may be paid in either at our counters in cash, or may be remitted favoring State Bank of India, Frankfurt Branch (account number 0000716243, BLZ 50330000).

For payment in cash, your Personal Identity Card (Passport or Personalausweis issued by Government) in original, along with a copy thereof must be produced. If the amount being remitted is EUR 1.000 or above, we would require, in addition, satisfactory evidence of source of funds (example: bank statement).

For payment through our account, as indicated above, please write to us before the funds have been sent and provide full details of the remittance proposed to be made, like:

Please also mention the name and account number of beneficiary in the purpose (Verwendungszweck) column of your money transfer request to us.

Our remittance charges are 0.10% of the amount remitted, subject to a minimum charge of EUR 5 and maximum of Euro 200 plus a flat SWIFT charge of Euro 10 per Transaction.

If you require names, addresses of State Bank of India Branches in India, please go to and click on the Branch Locator Button on Homepage.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. V.P. Divakaran
Tel. +49-69-27237-133

please click here for e-mail

Please note that foreign remittances of Euro 12500 and above are required to be reported by you (sender) to Deutsche Bundesbank. For further information on reporting requirements, please contact the toll-free hotline of Deutsche Bundesbank at (08 00) 1 23 41 11.


Mainzer Landstrasse 61
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49-69-27237-0