State Bank of India, Mainzer Landstrasse 61, 60329 Frankfurt am Main/ Germany, Phone: + 49-69-27237-0

Remittances Other Countries

Remit funds through us to Bangladesh, Srilanka and other countries at a reasonable cost. The remittance is sent via swift (electronically).

Our exchange rates are also attractive.

CASH Deposit
An equivalent amount in Euro (plus applicable charges as below) may be paid in cash at our counter. For depositing cash for remittance, your Personal Identity Card (Passport or Personalausweis issued by Government) in original may kindly be brought. If the amount remitted is EUR 1.000 or above, kindly bring satisfactory evidence regarding source of the funds. The above details are obtained to meet the requirements of local laws.

NON-CASH Remittance Request
If you would like to remit the amount favouring State Bank of India, Frankfurt Branch with Email instructions giving proper contact details, please follow the procedure as mentioned below:

Mandatory One Time Registration

Kindly send email to us before transferring the funds to our account giving full details of the remittance proposed to be made, i.e.,

Please mention your customer number provided by us and the purpose of payment in the purpose of payment column (Verwendungszweck) of your money transfer request to us.

As you can see, in your interest, we take sufficient care to take correct information from you to avoid delay or wrong transmission of funds.

Our Competitive charges

Remittance charges are 0.10% of the amount remitted, subject to a minimum charge of EUR 5 and maximum of Euro 200 plus a flat SWIFT charge of Euro 10 per Transaction.

For more details, please contact:

Mr. V.P. Divakaran
Assistant Vice President(Schalter)
State Bank of India
Frankfurt Branch
Mainzer Landstrasse 61
D-60329, Frankfurt Am Main

Tel. +49-69-27237-133

please click here for e-mail

Please note that foreign remittances of Euro 12500 and above are required to be reported by you (sender) to Deutsche Bundesbank. For further information on reporting requirements, please contact the toll-free hotline of Deutsche Bundesbank at (08 00) 1 23 41 11.


Mainzer Landstrasse 61
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49-69-27237-0